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Who We Are

Black in Nanotechnology is Co-founded by Olivia Geneus, a Physical Chemistry Ph.D. Candidate, and Jarriaun D. Streets M.S., a Sr. Biological Scientist, both current researchers in the field of Nanotechnology. 

The Black in Nanotechnology initiative, is the first non-profit organization for Black scientists in nanotechnology and related fields. This initiative supports the contributions of Black scientists and highlights¬†the continued barriers these scientists face. Black in Nanotechnology launched its inaugural conference ‘Black in Nano Week’ in December 2020.

Black in Nanotechnology aims to:

  • Recognize the advancements of Black nanoscientists transforming the field of Nanotechnology,
  • Build partnerships and networks to push innovative ideas that tackles challenging questions within the field,
  • Highlight the disparities that translate in industry to positions that arise after graduate school,
  • Inspire the next generation of nanoscientists.

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